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Create a Blog Launch for Ultimate Success and Visibility | taught by Monica Miller
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Monica Miller
Monica Miller
Content Strategist and Writing Coach

About the instructor

Monica Miller helps Coaches, Speakers and Authors to articulate their message into convertible and profitable content because most are don't know what to do, are overwhelmed, and confused at how to maximize their content. Monica helps them step up into their authentic authority, strategize their message and increase their income all from the powerful use of content creation. Bottom Line: Monica takes you from presence to profit.

You are an Entrepreneur who has been interested in starting a blog for your business, but you don't know where to start and your budget is small and hiring a blog strategist is not an option.

You might be on the other end of the spectrum where you know you need a blog to grow and expand your business, but you have no idea what kinds of content you'll create or how people would even see it!

You are dying to have a blog, but you don't want to put in all this work and hear crickets!

Now the end of the year is coming and you're thinking, "Perhaps I can launch my blog...?" 

But what stops you is that you have no idea where to begin or what to do to gain traction quickly and easily.

What if you could have a Guide to get you to creating and launching your blog successfully EVERY STEP OF THE WAY?

And without all the costs attached to it?

That's why Your Blog Launch Made Easy was created! 

This course was made for someone like you who needs exact steps of every phase to launch your business blog successfully and confidently!

Whats in the course? Let's take a SNEAK PEEK of what you'll learn in every module!

Module 1: Setting Your Blog Foundation

  • Learn the FIVE essentials that you need before you even think about creating a blog for your business and brand
  • Know which systems you need set up to be ready to go

Module 2: Your Ultimate Blog Content

  • Know the variety of blogging posts you can create that connects with your audience
  • Leverage the most popular types of blog posts to your advantage!
  • Create the first few blog posts to be scheduled out for your new blog easily!

Module 3: Your Perfect Blog Launch Plan

  • Put together your pre-launch launch plan by following the simple guided steps (from beginning to end)
  • Get your audience excited about your blog, which is sure to get new and old followers fired up for the BIG Launch day
  • Understand how to work your plan leading up to the BIG Day with success and confidence by following your simple plan

Module 4: Your Post-Launch Success Plan

  • Plan your next steps for your business and blog
  • Create a system to leverage your time and success
  • Know how to get seen through different platforms by showing off your expertise and brillance! 

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This course gives you everything you need to successfully launch your blog and you CAN have your blog launched in no time when you know the exact steps to accomplishing it!

Don't wait to launch your blog any longer! 

Invest in Your Blog Launch Made Easy TODAY and have your blog ready within 60 days or less!

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